Sabine Nay
Dipl.-Übersetzerin BDÜ

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"Many thanks to you as well! What I also wanted to say — as far as I am concerned, you are among the top three translators on the German market. I have always had the greatest respect for the quality and speed of your work.
All the best!"

(German Localization Agency)

"We have just finished editing the Service Manual and I wanted to give you some feedback on the translation. The editor we used for this job has quite an extensive background in banking/financial issues as she majored in Finance and International Business and has worked in French, Dutch, Suisse, and German in New York, Amsterdam and Frankfurt. I felt she was exactly the right person for this job and I was very happy when she said the quality of the German translation was quite high, excellent in fact. Please share this news with the translator — I hope he/she will be avaialble for the next pieces of the project!"

(US Localization Agency)